Fundraising Ideas

Liver Life Challenge Virtual Team fundraising allows you to fundraise your way in support of the American Liver Foundation. We have provided a list of suggested activities, but don’t feel limited to these suggestions. Find an activity that best fits your interests and those of your community, friends and family members:

  • Host a spin event at a cycle studio in your town.
  • Register for a 5K, Triathlon or IRONMAN competition and raise funds for ALF.
  • Challenge yourself that for one month you will walk 10,000 steps each day. Each day that you reach your goal, put $5 in a jar. At the end of the month, count up how much you raised and put it towards your fundraising goal.
  • Go Hiking
  • Love Swimming? Host a “Swim for Liver Awareness” event at your local YMCA.
  • $20 for 20 Challenge: For $20 friends, family and coworkers can challenge you to do an exercise 20 times
    (Examples- $20 for 20 Burpees, $20 for 20 Jumping Jacks or $20 for 20 Minutes of HITT Cardio)